Costume Jewelry Appraisals

Do you have costume jewelry that you need appraised?

I do estate costume jewelry appraisals for any size lots.  Whether you have several pieces or just a few.  I am able to come to you if you are in the Metro Detroit area if you have 10 pieces of jewelry or more, or you may submit photos to me if you have less than 10.  If you are outside of Metro Detroit, you may submit in batches.  

All jewelry is appraised at current best retail value, with an explanation of what the piece is.  When photo appraisals are done, not as much information can be provided at times because items may not always be tested properly.

Rates are $75 per hour when on location, with a one hour minimum - this will be for verbal appraisals.  If formal written appraisals are necessary that will be an additional $15 per piece.

Photo appraisals are $10 per piece, $25 per piece for a formal written appraisal. 

I have been selling and working in vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories for over 25 years.  I have experience and the resources to properly do appraisals.

If you are interested in selling the collection you have, I can sell on consignment any piece worth $50 or more for a 50/50 commission of selling prices minus fees/shipping.  If buying outright, I purchase for 30% of the appraised amount.  My purchase prices account for market fluxuation.

Please email me at or text me at 248-453-9153 if you would like to discuss my services.  Thank you!