About us

Black Dog Vintage is a vintage retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of products, creative styling tips, and love for fashion. We are located outside of Detroit, Michigan.

My name is Leslie and I love to curate vintage clothing. I have been wearing and modernizing vintage clothing for 40 years! I am excited to share my passion with you.

I often get asked, why "Black Dog"? Well... I have two rescued black dogs named Bert and Scout. They are senior citizen dogs now. They are my why.... they inspire me to enjoy life and do what I love. So here I am, selling vintage clothing because it is a true passion of mine. Someday I hope I can be home with my dogs full time selling vintage clothes and doing yoga (my other passion). Thank you to each and every one of my customers because, although you may start off as a customer I really hope we become friends.

So please message me with any special requests, questions, concerns or just to chat about vintage or dogs!!


Leslie, Bert and Scout!