About us

Black Dog Vintage is a vintage retailer dedicated to inspiring customers through a unique combination of products, creative styling tips, and love for fashion. We are located outside of Detroit, Michigan.

My name is Leslie and I love to curate vintage clothing. I have been wearing and modernizing vintage clothing and jewelry for almost 35 years! I am excited to share my passion with you.

I often get asked, why "Black Dog"? Well... I have been rescuing black dogs for the last 15 years.  It all started with a black dog named Bertuzzi, then came Scout, the Rocky, all of whom have passed away.  Now I have Angel... who many recognize from my YouTube videos.  She is a CHARACTER!  She is a rescued black pitbull from Detroit Dog Rescue.

Any extra profit from my sales goes to Detroit Dog Rescue.  And I volunteer two days a week there as well.  They are an incredible no-kill shelter in the heart of Detroit.  I am proud of the work I do with them, the dogs I have adopted and fostered with them, and the difference I can make in my community working with them.  Working with customers who love vintage, who support my small business, and who also have a love of animals allow me to do this.  Thank you for this!

So please message me with any special requests, questions, concerns or just to chat about vintage or dogs!!


Leslie and Angel