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The Black Dogs...

So who are the dogs of Black Dog Vintage?

I get asked quite a bit.... why black dog?  There are two stories....  the quick one:  I rescue black dogs, and currently have two senior black dogs who are my life.  And then there is the story that is a little more meaningful and powerful.

I have a black lab/ some other large dog mix, named Bertuzzi (yes... after the hockey player Todd Bertuzzi).  I fell in love with him online, on a shelter website, when he was just a pup.  He is now 13, and grey.... and honestly, not doing too well.  Big dogs just don't last, and 13 is a long time to live.  He has degenerative myelopathy and laryngeal paralysis.  He has good days and bad days but so far good days win!  yay!

Then there is Scout.... He is a Heinz 57 mutt.  He was a foster fail, and I think he did it on purpose.  He was found under an overpass in Atlanta, and he was sort of beat up.  We figured he had lived on the streets for most of his life.  He was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter he was at, so an incredible group came in and adopted a bunch of dogs that were on deaths door, and sent them to Michigan (the land of no kill shelters).  I got him because "I have a way with animals".  Scout was brooding, moody, liked to bite when aggravated, and didn't like human interaction.  But it took time, and I love a challenge.  Over the course of several months we got him to an "adoptable" state.  But he had other ideas.  He was adopted twice, and sent back twice.  I got the hint.  He wanted to be with me.  We both are a little stubborn when we know what we want.  Scout is 14, and in pretty good health!  (YAY)

So these guys have been my inspiration in all that I do.  Sure, I have real kids, but they aren't nearly as fun or snuggly as my fur babes.  Besides they are grown and have their own lives.  Bert and Scout inspired my first solo venture, Black Dog Business Group, where I do leadership and team building coaching for dental practices.  And now they are my inspiration for my vintage store.  

There is another story too..... 

Black dogs and cats are the least likely dogs to be adopted out of a shelter (along with pit bulls).  They are more likely to euthanized because they just run out of time.  But why?  

People don't notice them.  OR when they do, they feel like they are aggressive or more aggressive looking.  Honestly... it is bias and judgement.  When in reality, these dogs are just as gentle, loving, kind, fun, and companionable as any other pet.

Who else gets overlooked?  People of color and women, or anyone that is a little "different" from the rest.  I understand this.  I have often felt like the black dog... over looked, left behind.  But no more, all of us black dogs need to stick together and empower each other.  We are seen.  We are successful, and we are fucking amazing.  Let's stand up and be who we want, dress how we want, love who we want, and just be ourselves.  

Every single one of you is amazing and beautiful.  Whether or not you relate to a black dog, you have the power to love, nurture and care, and make this world a better place for all living creatures.  Let's do this together.

Thanks for shopping with me.

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